History of the World 

The history of Breminor is older than the Gods themselves, a story that is told in The Codex of Breminor.
Once, long ago, there were Gods who fought with one another.  In the war, one side released the Four out of Amulon, who they thought they could control.  They could not.  Instead, the Four destroyed everyone except He Who Goes Unnamed; He Who Goes Unnamed defeated three of the Four and the other one escaped.  
With the remains of old Breminor, He created new Breminor.  He Who Goes Unnamed also sought out his love, Nythoria, who had been sent to Ackerin, where forgotten Gods dwell; He won her release and she joined him in new Breminor.  Together, they had children, who are also Gods.  In turn, these children had children who are the Immortals.
The Immortals changed the world and He Who Goes Unnamed banished them from Breminor.  He created the Binding.   He took the innocent children of the Immortals and placed them within the Binding, where they would be Mortal.  In this way, the world would remain unchanged and beautiful.  
There was a flaw, however; there were other beings on Breminor that were trapped within the Binding.  One of these was the one from Amulon that had escaped; it was trapped within the Binding with the Mortals.  
The Binding rendered Amulon, along with four of its servants, non-corporeal.  Under the Binding, they found they had to inhabit physical forms in order to accomplish even the simplest task.  Amulon and its servants dedicated themselves to destroying the Binding and gaining vengeance upon He Who Goes Unnamed.  
The Gods had a chance to prevent the Binding's destruction.  They were able to send someone into the Binding to fight Amulon.  This was the Bringer of Hope.  Each time the Bringer was sent through, s/he would become stronger.  In the first three Cycles, the Bringer defeats Amulon's armies, returns Amulon to its prison and imprisons its servants.  
In the Fourth Cycle, the Bringer and Amulon will fight to determine the fate of the Binding and all Mortals once and for all.


The sentient beings of Breminor pay homage to a host of powerful beings, gods and otherwise, who control their fate, presented here. Each entry includes the being's name, pronunciation, role, alignment, titles, domains, and general description. Their symbols are also included.

u  Amulon
u  Kana
u  Archin
u  Dujino    
u  Gamal               
u  Govali
u  Roe
u  Isvadu  

The god of strife, Amulon (am-u-lon) is neutral evil. Its titles include Lord of Pestilence and Plague. Amulon is a non-corporeal entity that can consume the spirit of any sentient, physical form it wishes and thus possess its body. In Breminese literature, Amulon is often depicted as a continuously moving mass of snakes over 50' high that assumes a bipedal, humanoid form. Amulon is served by: Khakal (archdaemons), the Forgani (the Soulless), a race called the Kaddori, and others. Mortal worshipers may also serve Amulon, and may interbreed with the Kaddori. The domains it is associated with are Death, Destruction, Evil, and War. Its favored weapon is the staff called B'kak, which causes disease at a touch. Gamal, the Bringer of Hope, is his nemesis.

The helper of the lost, Archin (AR-kin) is chaotic good. Her titles include Lady of Lost Causes and Holder of the Key. When the Binding was created, there was a flaw - it was the despair in Archin's heart. To make amends, Archin took up the mantle of helping the lost and those who have lost important things. To the most pious of her followers, who include barbarians, discoverers, fighters, rogues, and warriors, she seldom appears as more than a disembodied hand pointing the way. The domains she is associated with are Good, Knowledge, Luck, and Protection. Her favored weapon is a bow called Vliak, whose arrows always fly a true path.

Banthas Drak 
The god of magic, Banthas Drak (BAN-thaz DRAK) is neutral. His titles include the Enchanter. Banthas Drak uses the power of enchantment and illusion to influence Mortal matters. He purpose in doing so is not always clear, though it is usually not to do harm. He is mischievous, the prankster of the Gods. Banthas Drak frequently moves about Mortal society, causing mischief wherever he goes. He is also said to have fathered a great number of children by Mortal women who are enchanted by the God. His followers include sages, sorcerers, and wizards. The domains he is associated with are Knowledge, Magic, and Trickery. His favored weapon is a walking staff called Fafanil, that was made from the heartwood of the rare alobali tree found only in the Thogule Moreth in Kakehun.

Crystalis the Peacemaker 
The god of peace, Crystalis (cri-STOL-is) is lawful neutral. His titles include the Endless Lord, Peacemaker, and Water of Life. Legend has it that Crystalis gave his life to stop the warring of the Immortals, but was brought back to life by He Who Goes Unnamed. Crystalis shares his name with the greatest river in Breminor, running east from the Aronin Mountains all the way to the eastern sea. The waterway is the lifeblood of agriculture and commerce for many, and has made it difficult, if not impossible, for northern and southern kingdoms to war with each other. Crystalis seldom, if ever, interferes in the affairs of Mortals. His followers include Bards and Entertainers. Only Mortals who are devoted to the cause of peace, whose heart was free of violent intent, would possibly gain Crystalis' attention. The domains he is associated with are Healing, Law, Protection, and Water. He does not wield a weapon, but uses his Song to lull into submission those who are agitated or have violent intent.

The lord of treachery, Dujino (du-JEE-no) is chaotic evil. One of the Khakal, the Archdaemon is one of the four principal servants of Amulon. Its titles include the Lord of the Third Circle and Fire Master. Its name strikes fear in the heart of Mortals nearly as much as its master, Amulon. It has been the most successful and destructive of all the Khakal (archdaemons). Patience, charm, and ambition are mixed with a lack of concern for all living things. Dujino builds empires simply to use them to destroy. As a result, Dujino is considered to be Amulon's favorite. Its followers include barbarians, fighters, half-orcs, orcs, and rogues. The domains it is associated with are Chaos, Destruction, Evil, and Fire. Its favored weapon is a flaming dagger called Kakelg.

The bringer of hope, Gamal (ga-MAL) is chaotic good. His titles include the Champion of the Gods. The Bringer of Hope is incarnated once in each of the Four Cycles to lead Mortalkind to defeat Amulon and its minions. The Bringer has been incarnated as both male and female. In the Fourth Cycle, Amulon and the Bringer fight each other to determine the fate of the Binding, Breminor and Mortalkind. Though not a God, various cults have sprung up over the centuries to honor the Bringer. His followers include bards, elves, entertainers, and half-elves. The domains he is associated with are Chaos, Good, Travel, and War. The Bringer uses a variety of tools through the Four Cycles to combat Amulon. Two great swords have been used: the Sword of Hallor, which the Bringer uses in the First Cycle; and, the Zargon Sword, which the Bringer uses in the Fourth Cycle. Amulon is his nemesis.

The lord of destruction, Govali (go-val-ee) is neutral evil. One of the Khakal, the Archdaemon is one of the four principal servants of Amulon. Its titles include the Lord of the First Circle and Lord of the Underworld. As the Lord of the First Circle, Govali is the least subtle of the Khakal. While loosed into the world, Govali usually possesses a ruler and raises armies. Once prepared, it will aggressively attack neighbors and bring them to heel. Its followers include barbarians, druids, fighters, half-orcs, orcs, rangers, and warriors. The domains it is associated with are Earth, Evil, Plant, and War. Its favored weapons are a pair of dire flails called Gorgu and Vorgu.

Gralu of the Living Earth 
The goddess of the living earth, Gralu (GRA-loo) is neutral good. Her titles include the Nurturer. She watches over the land, the earth, and stone. Her followers include Gnomes. The domains she is associated with are Earth, Good, Healing, and Plant. Her favored weapon is a club of stone she fashions from the world when needed.

He Who Goes Unnamed 
The creator of the world and the Binding, He Who Goes Unnamed is neutral good. His titles include the Nameless One and the Watcher. Supreme ruler of the Gods, He made new Breminor. Many of its inhabitants, including Gods, Immortals, and Mortals, are his descendants. He will not allow harm to come to the Binding. He has several personal attributes that make him supreme. In battle with Amulon and other Gods, He Who Goes Unnamed has usually fought with his bare hands. His followers include bards, Defenders, and rangers; he is unlikely to directly intervene in the affairs of Mortals within the Binding, though for his most devout followers, he may call upon others to do his bidding. The domains he is associated with are Good, Strength, Sun, and War. His favored weapon is the sword, Halgoth, which sings in battle. He also carries a shield called Manoth, which is made of gold and shines like the sun; he wears bracers, called Ilini, upon which are etched all of the Words of Power and Service, the tools used by Mortals to draw magic from the Æther. He rides a winged serpent called Yagik.

Inkitar the Warrior 
The god of honor and victory, Inkitar (in-kee-tahr) is lawful neutral. His titles include Master of the Mark and Lord of the Dance. Inkitar has been known to appear to his followers in battle; his presence inspires courage in his followers. He is a brilliant battle strategist and tactician, knowing when to attack, retreat, and regroup. He has been known to share his incites with his most loyal followers. Though the bloodlust may take him, Inkitar will never join in a Mortal battle. However, he is inclined to reward his devote followers with other types of assistance, if called upon. His followers include barbarians, dwarves, fighters, monks, and soldiers. The domains he is associated with are Destruction, Law, Protection, and Strength. His favored weapon is an aethereal warhammer made by the Dwarves called Grukytu.

The lord of despair, Isvadu (iz-VA-doo) is lawful evil. One of the Khakal, the Archdaemon is one of the four principal servants of Amulon. Its titles include the Lord of the Second Circle and Leviathan. Isvadu makes plans and manipulates its minions to gain control and expand its empire; this he does with some subtlety, though this is peppered with impatience. Isvadu lacks concern for anyone's well being, minion or otherwise, and loyalty among his chief followers can be questionable. For this reason, its principal minions are usually Forgani, who are bound to its service. Its followers include fighters and monks. The domains it is associated with are Evil, Law, War, and Water. Its favored weapon is a scythe called Tzlok.

The protector of the home, Kana (KAN-a) is lawful good. Her titles include the Warden of the Home and Mistress of the Hearth. Kana is prayed to by those seeking security and a safe place to rest. She is, therefore, a favorite of innkeepers. She also looks over the home, ensuring its protection from outside forces. The goddess is inclined to interfere in the affairs of Mortals, though her interventions are often more subtle and less invasive than the supplicant would prefer. Her followers include Halflings. The domains she is associated with are Earth, Good, Law, and Protection. Her favored weapon is a short sword called Rason.

Mylassa the Young 
The goddess of nature, Mylassa (My-LAS-sah) is neutral good. Her titles include Patron of Valithra, Mistress of the Forest, and the Green Mistress. Mylassa symbolizes all that is innocent and good with youth and with nature. She commands the forces of nature, primarily the flora and fauna. One of her holy places, the Cave of the Goddess, is located east of Thrune in Valithra. Mylassa is often seen about in the world. She can shape change at will into various creatures; her particular favorites are the fawn, owl, and wolf. She commands one of the greatest followings among the inhabitants of Breminor. Her followers include druids, elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, rangers, and inhabitants of Valithra. The domains she is associated with are Animal, Earth, Good, and Plant. Her favored weapon is quarterstaff called Alofalur.

Nexar of the Fire that Consumes 
The god of fire, Nexar (NEX-ar) is chaotic neutral. His titles include Lord of the Fire that Consumes and Keeper of the Eternal Flame. Nexar's sphere of control is fire, which is used to both destroy and purify. Mortals pay him respect more than worshiped him. Nexar lacks subtlety in any interaction with Mortals. Conflagrations are commonplace when he is involved. His followers include discoverers, sailors, and fishermen. The domains he is associated with are Good, Law, Water, and Protection. His favored weapon is a burning staff, called Galhivei.

The goddess of beauty and civilization, Nythoria (Ni-THOR-i-a) is lawful good. Her titles include Mother of the Gods, Lady of Love. Nythoria holds a special place among the Gods. All of them take her council and grant any request she makes. However, she is usually disinclined to interfere in Mortal affairs. If one of her high priests makes a request of her, she may consider aiding him/her; aid usually takes the form of convincing another God to take some action. Like her husband, she enjoys traveling through the world, usually appearing as a stunningly beautiful woman (all races and tribes). She is the Goddess of civilization, responsible for the arts, especially for music. The capital of the world of Breminor is named for her. Her followers include dwarves, fighters, monks, and paladins. The domains she is associated with are Good, Knowledge, Law, and Plant. She does not have a favored weapon, but instead plays the living harp, Thalin, which brings all who hear it under her spell.

Odan the Fair 
The goddess of justice, Odan (o-DAN) is lawful neutral. Her titles include Judger of the Dead and Lady Justice. The goddess dwells in Dadomal, a fortress of her own creation in the Aether. When Mortals die, their spirits are released and travel to Dadomal for judgment. Once a spirit comes to Dadomal, the goddess has the ability it back to Breminor for rebirth; to Ethalia in the Hall of the Gods as reward for a pious life; or, to the Land of the Dead beyond the Aronin Mountains for an exceptionally impious life. For the most impious brought before her, the goddess draws the sword of justice, Kaelo, dismembering them and casting the pieces about in the Land of the Dead. These miserable spirits are forced to wander about the Land of the Dead to reassemble themselves before they can be reborn in Breminor. The goddess appears as a woman with dark complexion and long black hair. She has only a single eye, the result of her own actions that leave her able to turn a blind eye to some actions by Mortals. Her followers include necromancers, sorcerors, and wizards. The domains she is associated with are Death, Knowledge, Law, and Strength.

The goddess of past, present, and futures, Oriclia (o-RIK-lee-ah) is chaotic neutral. Her titles include Queen of All Roads, Oracle of the Gods, and Hand of Destiny. Oriclia was not born, but sprang from the head of He Who Goes Unnamed. She sees across all time, with the past being represented by a single road, the present as many roads, and the future as all possible roads. Her devotees, called Seers, do not practice worship in the traditional sense; they are imbued with the ability to see the paths of past, present, and future with clarity commensurate with their level. Through her Seers, she has been known to intervene in Mortal affairs, helping the most pious Mortals to see what events will unfold as a result of taking a particular path. Her followers include bards, discoverers, entertainers, and elves. The domains she is associated with are Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, and Travel. She does not have a favored weapon.

The god of luck, Roe (RO) is chaotic neutral. His titles include Fortune and Lord of the Hammer. When He Who Goes Unnamed needed a weapon made, he called upon Roe to make him a blade that could slay the sun in the sky. Roe went to the sun and gambled with the solar body for a piece of its golden skin. Roe won, returning with the skin, and using it to forge Halgoth. No finer weapon has ever been made. Roe is usually mentioned in conjunction with gold and other precious metals, either gambling with them or forging them into something useful for a God. He is known to travel through the world, and especially enjoys the mountains and mines. Usually, he appears as a large, robust Dwarf, occasionally with four arms. Roe will intervene on behalf of Mortals, though one usually has to be careful what is being requested. His followers include bards, rogues, smithies, and thieves. The domains he is associated with are Chaos, Luck, Earth, and Trickery. His favored weapons are the Casilos, a set of throwing daggers that hit any target he chooses and return to him once they have struck their target.

The lord of nightmares, Rokulos (roh-KU-lohz) is lawful evil. One of the Khakal, the Archdaemon is one of the four principal servants of Amulon. Its titles include the Lord of the Fourth Circle and Dream Killer. Rokulos inspires fear in Mortals who are concerned for their eternal Spirits as well as their bodies. Where Rokulos' brothers are apt to possess a ruler's body and attack its neighbors, Rokulos is the pinnacle of subtlety and deception. It may become advisor to a lord, encouraging an attack on his neighbors, while also being advisor to the lord's enemies. Most importantly, Rokulos has the ability to enter the dreams of all Mortals whose alignment is anything but good. There, it plants the seeds of its plans and wears down its intended pawn. Its followers include fighters and monks. The domains it is associated with are Air, Evil, Magic, and Travel. Its favored weapon is a crossbow that fires poison-tipped bolts called Vilidur.

Sattath the Gatekeeper 
The goddess of travel, Sattath (sat-TATH) is neutral. Her titles include Protector of the Gates. When He Who Goes Unnamed created the Binding, Sattath volunteered to watch the boundaries where the Aether and the Binding meet and protect the Binding from harm. Sattath attacks anyone threatening the Binding. Usually, she will turn back inexperienced Mortals attempting to travel the Aether without harming them, unless they have made their intentions clear to her ahead of time and she approves. More experienced Mortals who travel the Aether can do so without getting her attention. Her followers include adventurers, bards, bounty hunters, entertainers, and merchants. The domains she is associated with are Magic, Protection, Strength, and Travel. Sattath carries an aethereal staff called Nathoth; this weapon usually takes the form of a large, black cat and travels on its own with its master.

Thoal of the Nine Seas 
The god of seas, Thoal (THOHL) is lawful good. His titles include Lord of the Deep. Thoal commands the nine seas of Breminor. He is patron to all seafarers and is frequently called upon to protect them while at sea. The god is constantly intervening in the affairs of Mortals, though not necessarily for their benefit. When a devout follower calls upon Thoal for assistance, he only will consider doing so if it does not take him out of his way. Thoal lives at the bottom of the Inworld Sea in a palace of coral, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the sea. It is said that devout sailors go here when they die to feast with him on the fruits of the sea. His followers include discoverers, sailors, and fishermen. The domains he is associated with are Good, Law, Water, and Protection. His favored weapon is a trident called Infalgule.

Vead of the Four Winds 
The god of the Four Winds, Vead (VEED) is neutral good. His titles include Windwalker and Master of the Skies. Vead controls the four winds of Breminor. This includes the sky, the clouds, and the beasts of the air. The God seldom intervenes on behalf of Mortals; individuals' affairs are too trivial for him. However, Vead enjoys playing grand games with the affairs of state. To accomplish his tasks, he will promise (and sometimes deliver) Mortals divine favors. His followers include bards, bounty hunters, discoverers, elves, entertainers, and rangers. The domains he is associated with are Air, Good, Knowledge, and Travel. His favored weapon is an elven bow called Alilondol.

Alignments, Domains & Typical Worshipers 
Deities by Alignment
 Typical Worshipers
Lawful Good
Earth, Good, Law, Protection     
Lawful Good
Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection
Dwarves, Fighters, Monks, Paladins
Lawful Good
Good, Law, Water, Protection          
Discoverers, Fishermen, Sailors
Neutral Good   
Earth, Good, Healing, Plants  
Neutral Good
Good, Strength, Sun, War
Bards, Rangers
Neutral Good    
Animal, Earth, Good, Plants  
Druids, Elves, Gnomes, Half-elves, Halflings, Rangers
Patron of Valithra
Neutral Good
Air, Good, Knowledge, Travel
Bards, Bounty Hunters, Discoverers, Entertainers
Chaotic Good
Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Luck          
Barbarians, Discoverers, Fighters, Warriors
Chaotic Good
Chaos, Good, Travel, War
Bards, Elves, Entertainers, Half-elves
Lawful Neutral  
Healing, Law, Protection, Water
Bards, Entertainers
Lawful Neutral
Destruction, Law, Protection, Strength
Barbarians, Dwarves, Fighters, Monks, Soldiers
Lawful Neutral
Death, Knowledge, Law, Strength   
Necromancers, Sorcerors, Wizards
Knowledge, Magic, Trickery    
 Illussionists, Sages, Sorcerors, Wizards
Magic, Protection, Strength, Travel     
Adventurers, Bards, Bounty Hunters, Entertainers, Merchants
Chaotic Neutral  
Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Travel        
Bards, Discoverers, Entertainers, Elves
Chaotic Neutral
Chaos, Earth, Luck, Trickery
Bards, Illussionists, Rogues, Thieves
Chaotic Neutral
Chaos, Fire, Healing, Sun
Adventurers, Bards, Entertainers, Sorcerers, Wizards
Lawful Evil
Evil, Law, War, Water
Fighters, Monks, Necromancers
Neutral Evil
Death, Destruction, Evil, War
Necromancers, Rogues
Neutral Evil
Earth, Evil, Plant, War
Barbarians, Druids, Fighters, Half-orcs, Orcs, Rangers, Warriors
Neutral Evil
Air, Evil, Magic, Travel
Bounty Hunters, Illussionists, Necromancers, Rogues, Sorcerers, Spies, Wizards
Chaotic Evil     
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire   
Barbarians, Fighters, Half-orcs, Illussionists, Orcs, Rogues

Deities by Race
By class and alignment
Inkitar, Roe, or by class and alignment
Gamal, Nythoria, Mylassa, Oriclia, or by class and alignment
Gralu, Mylassa, or by class and alignment
Gamal, Mylassa, or by class and alignment
Dujino, Govali, or by class and alignment
Kana, Mylassa, or by class and alignment

Deities by Class
Deities (Alignment)
Archin (CG), Dujino (CE), Govali (NE), Inkitar (LN), Isvadu (LE), Nythoria (LG)
Archin (CG), Dujino (CE), Govali (NE), Inkitar (LN)
Nythoria (LG)
Govali (NE), He Who Goes Unnamed (NG), Mylassa (NG)
Banthas Drak (N), Nexar (CN), Odan (LN), Rokulos (NE)
Banthas Drak (N), Dujino (CE), Roe (CN), Rokulos (NE)
Amulon (NE), Isvadu (LE), Odan (LN), Rokulos (NE)
Banthas Drak (N), Odan (LN), Nexar (CN), Rokulos (NE)
Govali (NE), Mylassa (NG)
Amulon (NE), Roe (CN), Rokulos (NE)
Crystalis (LN), Gamal (CG), He Who Goes Unnamed (NG), Nexar (CN), Oriclia (CN), Roe (CN), Sattath (N), Vead (NG)
Inkitar (LN), Isvadu (LE), Nythoria (LG)

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