A narrated description of the creatures that are found in Breminor.
An annual view of Breminor's 13-month calendar.
A history of the world in the classic mythos style.
A description of Breminor's complex economic structure including trade and national resources.
A brief but important history of Breminor's mortal races.
A description of magic in Breminor and society's influence on its use.
An overview map of the continent. It's available as a gif file and also as a CC2 map file.
A bird's eye view of Breminor's numerous organizations.
A description of all of Breminor's gods, demigods and greater heroes.
A description of Breminor's political system.
A description of Breminor's religious orders and their significance to society.
A description of Breminor's numerous saints as well as their alignment, domains, and significance.
A brief listing and description of Breminor's mortal races and their traits.

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