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General Copyright Information

 General Copyright Information:
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We ask that you please respect the copyright of all text and images on this site. Many hours and much hard work has gone into developing these materials. We're happy to have you use and share them as long as you do the following:

a. Give proper attribution to the developers,

b. Make no money off their distribution, and

c. only redistribute files that have not been altered.

While Breminor was designed to be a "system-free" setting, it has been and still is being used for specific game systems, among these AD&D (2nd edition) and GURPS. Breminor is currently being geared toward compatibility with AD&D 3rd Edition (also known as the "d20 System"). These pages detail how to use Breminor as an AD&D 3E/d20 setting.

We will revise these pages to conform to the d20 License once it is finally official, including making clear the distinction between "open" and "closed" material.

Closed Material: At the moment, you can consider anything on these pages that's specifically "Breminoran" (primarily names, like Breminoran deities, gods, people, places, etc.) as "closed" (and a copyright of Breminor.com).

Open Material:  Anything from AD&D/d20 is the property of Wizards of the Coast (and thus subject to their legalities until the d20 License is finished). Note that this is in reference to the "Games and Heroes and Villains" sections of this Web site - the entire contents of the "The World of Breminor" should be considered "closed" in accordance with the copyrights described at the top of this page.

Translations and Conversions:
Pantheon: The Breminor Gods in AD&D/d20 format.
Monsters: A reference for using the AD&D Monster Manual with Breminor.
Prestige Classes: Prestige classes in Breminor.

Page last updated on 21 March 2001.