Profantasy - The makers of the premier mapping programs Campaign Cartographer 2, City Designer 2, Dungeon Designer 2 and many others.
Jhendor - Ralf Shemmann's website detailing his fantasy world of Jhendor. Some beautiful maps on this site.
Realms Overseer3D - Overseer provides a way to translate CC2 maps into 3D. An excellent add on program for CC2 map developers. See an example of one of Breminor's maps converted by this process.


Dragonscroll - A good source of gaming materials a reasonable prices.
Everchanging Book of Names - Sami has put together an elegant site. What's more, the site offers a terrific name generator.
Necromancer Games - Necromancer games puts out consistently excellent role-playing products. If you are looking for a source of solid, original materials, this is a good place to start.
RPG Host - An excellent source of information and tools for all types of RPGs.
The Wanderer - The Wanderer's Web site is dedicated to roleplaying games and especially the TSR Dungeons and Dragons game with a particular interest in Faerun. Of special interest to gamers are maps, monsters, (N)PCs, spells, and magic-items database pages.
Wizard's of the Coast - No more need be said...
WeatherMaster 1.1.1 by Milieu Simulations - Want to know EXACTLY what the weather is like for your characters? Want to know when the sun comes up and when it goes down as well as the cycles for those moons you have? If so, this is the software for you. An excellent product.

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Electronic Publishers 

Domham Books - A publisher of only novel-length fiction in electronic format.
Glassbook - A high quality ebook provider of first rate fiction. - Another reputable publisher of electronic information.

Traditional Book Resellers 

Description - An excellent source of books, movies and RPG material of all kinds.
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Writer's Resource Links 

Everchanging Book of Names - Sami has put together an elegant site. What's more, the site offers a terrific name generator. An excellent source of names for stories.
Screenplay System, Inc. - A comprehensive source for writing software of all kinds.
SFF Net - SFF Net is designed to support fast-moving, intelligent conversation about genre literature of all kinds. It's the place for authors, editors, readers, and publishers to get together to discuss books, stories, the art and craft of popular fiction, and all aspects of the literary life.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - Home to useful lists, articles, reviews, and experts in the fields of science fiction and fantasy. "SFWA... is now widely recognized as one of the most effective non-profit writers' organizations in existence."
The Writer's Store - An extremely comprehensive selection of writing software for all kinds of creative writing.

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