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30 July 2003
Neglect, that's what's been going on here. And truth be told it's mostly my (Tony's) fault. Real life has intruded and we've been darn short on additions to this site. However, I have finally gotten around to fixing some broken links that have been plaguing the site for awhile. We'll try to get things back under control as soon as the Bush economy kicks in.  :)  Well, perhaps a bit before that.
12 July 2002
Added three building maps
A map of Highhold Castle.
A map of the Cliffside Inn.
12 Mar 2002
Added a Players Map of "Khalanaar - The Middle Countries"
Added a map of Worm's Hold in Valithra
Added a preview of the soon-to-be-released map of "The Rock" in Greenbryr.
Added Nora's Journal for Session Two of the Campaign.
Added a list of Druid Spells in Excel Format.
10 Dec 2001
Wow, we've been busy here in Breminor. We've responded to the criticism by some that we've got a nice site but not enough content to really serve as the basis for a campaign. "Well!" we thought, "we can fix THAT!" And we think we have. But, instead of dribbling this new content in to the site a little bit at a time, we've decided to uncork the dam all at once and let the chaos run where it may.

In this update we've added new materials and updated others. You'll find, among other things, 8 new maps, gaming tools, and pages upon pages of supporting content to make Breminor a feature-rich gaming environment and hopefully a pleasant place for you just to kill an hour or two of your free time.

Bestiary (Updated)






16 Oct 2001
Added the statistics for Nero Thorndell to the campaign section.
11 Oct 2001
Added the short story "The Black Stone" to the Stories section of our site.
Finally! We've added the last of the regional maps to round out Breminor's Kingdoms. The map of Toroth is extremely detailed.
07 Oct 2001
Added Ortyne's Journal to the Campaign Page.
04 Oct 2001
Added more material to Nora's Breminor Campaign Page.
Updated the Links page.
03 Oct 2001
Added Nora Fencerunner's Breminor Campaign Page detailing the exploits of the first party of adventurers to base their campaign in Breminor.
Added several more Tablesmith tables to the RPG Utilities page.
12 Jun 2001
Added JPGs and Links to four maps created for Paradigm Concepts, Inc. The CC2 files for these maps should be available on the Paradigm Concepts website shortly.
Added an image to the Bestiary page of an Adolescent Passage Dweller, a particulary nasty creature found in the upcoming D20 System Adventure "The Ancient Temple."
Added an image to the World of Breminor page of some intrepid heroes in action in the tunnels beneath the city of Rhyshoon.
25 Mar 2001
Updated the General Store tables in the games section to reflect additional weapons. Also gave these tables a new "front end" and made several of the files smaller to improve performance.
Added a table in the games section to generate horse statistics, abilities and descriptions for PCs and NPCs who want to know more about their steed than, "it's a light horse."
19 Mar 2001
Added the Tellenore town map. This map will be 100% CityOverseer 3D compatible.
12 Mar 2001
Updated the Pantheon to be more compatible with the D20 Open Gaming license rules.
09 Mar 2001
Added the Rhyshoon city map. This map will be 100% CityOverseer 3D compatible.
02 Mar 2001
Added a map of Dunihk.
Added downloadable files for maps posted yesterday (see below for links).
01 Mar 2001
Added three non-Breminor maps:
a map of Greenbryr.
a map of the Borderlands Region.
a map of the Borderlands Keep Area.
06 Feb 2001
Added a map to Kakehun.
16 Jan 2001
Added an image to the Discoverer page.
Fixed link errors in the story area.
Added a new image to the story start page.
Added a new image to the What's New page (above).
03 Dec 2000
Added A Few Miscalculations, an original short story by Steve Castillet.
Added Soul Jumper, an original Novella by Tony Marker.
20 Nov 2000
Added four 3D images of Grimwell and the Final Rest Inn.
Removed the links to; sadly they are no longer publishing fiction from "unknown" authors.
Added the map of Morgen to the Other Fantasy Maps section.
14 Nov 2000
Added two non-Breminor Maps to the Other Fantasy Maps section.
Khalanaar - World View
07 Nov 2000
Added a map to Sherna.
Added an original graphic for the story, The Black Stone.
Added a link to the Everchanging Book of Names web site.
02 Nov 2000
Added the AD&D 3E General Store Table to the Game Section.
31 Oct 2000
Added The Discoverer to the Heroes and Villains section.
Updated the Heroes and Villain types.
Added the AD&D 3E Encounter Distance Table to the Game Section.
17 Oct 2000
Added the EZ Feedback page.
16 Oct 2000
Added the AD&D 3E Treasure Tables to the Game section.
10 Oct 2000
Added The Warrior to the Heroes and Villains section.
09 Oct 2000
Added The Forgotten Prisoner, an original short story by Steve Gousie.
08 Oct 2000
Added several topographical maps displaying Breminor's elevations.
02 Oct 2000
Added a map to Nyslavadd.
Added Honoring Arkan Ketch, an original short story by Matthew Shears.
29 Sep 2000
Added Bard page.
Added picture of Matthew to contact page.
06 Sep 2000
Added a Laladen map to the Laladen Region and the thumbnails page.
04 Sep 2000
Added Graphics to Home Page.
02 Sep 2000
Added the 3D rendering of Nythoria due to the generosity of the Thought Guild, Inc.
29 Aug 2000
Added the Bestiary.
Updated the Pantheon.
Added the Stories entry page.
Updated the Links page.
Added the Search page.
20 Aug 2000
Move site to
Added the following pages:
04 Jul 2000
Added downloadable CC2 version of the Thrune map.
02 Jul 2000
Added JPEGs of the forthcoming map of Thrune, Valithra's capital city.
01 Jul 2000
Updated the CC2 Hints and  Tips with about 40 pages of additional material.
28 Jun 2000
Added a downloadable CC2 Hints and Tips file to the Thumbnails page.
18 Jun 2000
Added biography information for Steve on the Contact Us page.
Updated Tony's Email address.
Eliminated the confusing labeling on the Eslebi/Nythoria Maps.
29 May 2000
Addition of the Valithra map to the Thumbnails page.
Addition of a section for Thank You's and Attributions on the Contact Us Page
28 May 2000
Addition of the Nythoria/Eslebi map to their respective regions and to the Thumbnails page.

25 May 2000
Addition of the Grimwell map to the Nythoria region and to the Thumbnails page.

24 May 2000
Addition of "Contact Us" page (otherwise known as an "ego" page). Here you'll have a chance to learn about the warped minds behind Breminor.

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