414 4C

Proper  Name
Kingdom of Ishyr

King Suggos Babilli.  
The ruler of Ishyr bears the following titles:
His/Her Magnificence, [Name] Babilli, Ruler of Ishyr, Lord of the Sunrise, Master of Fire, Ice, Storm and Sea.

 Coat of Arms
The coat of arms for Ishyr is a white sunburst on a field of purple. It is shown here for the royal house with a white crown in upper left corner.

Feudal. Kingdom is governed locally, with authority resting on the king, at least in theory. In practice, this agrarian economy is dependent upon its short growing season and can contribute warriors only between spring planting and fall harvest.


 Major Towns
Go'Rhell, Bithelle, Waybridge, Bishop's End.

 Provinces & Capitals
County of Allanelle
Capital: Allanelle
Ruler: Count Huglin, Master of House Allanelle  (NG male human Ftr3)

County of the Dawn
Capital: Bishop's End
Ruler: Bishop Emill, cousin of the king  (LE male human Clr8)

Duchy of Fithal
Capital: Go'Rhell
Ruler: King Suggos, Master of House Babilli  (N male human Ftr12)

County of Khellamora
Capital: Brandlym
Ruler: Count Palcil, Master of House Gimlegil  (CG male half-elf Ftr6/Drd4)

County of Nanegei
Capital: Nanegei
Ruler: Duke Gildur, Master of House Elnarth  (CG male elf Wiz13)

Duchy of Silver Bay
Capital: Bithelle
Ruler: Princess Anillos, sister of the king  (NE female human Rog7)

County of Sortella Nivall
Capital: Nivall
Ruler: Count Rowrath, Master of House Barav  (CN male dwarf Brb8)

County of Wellgriss
Capital: Wellan's Keep
Ruler: Countess Ylissa, Mistress of House Teregrin  (NG female human Ftr14)

 Prominent Groups
Blue Gauntlets, Gralu's Company, Klahdra, Krin, Novar, Sontor, Thoal's Crew, Thorian Fellowship, Unali.

Ishyr's resources include: wool, flax, hemp, furs, cattle, sheep, fish (pickled and dried), gems, iron, tin and copper.

 Major Industries
Fishing, carpentry and ironwork.

For Ishyr, trade is problematic, since they are somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. Trade within the kingdom is challenging. The roads between the major cities are in fairly good repair, but they are not well guarded. Ishyr's only external land-based trade is with Nythoria, and that is hampered by both poor roads and robber barons. This leaves much of the external trade dependent upon shipping in the unpredictable weather and waves of the Inworld Sea. Ishyr has local boats that move cargo along its coast, but larger ships belong to either Laladen or the pirates of Sherna. Being off the beaten track, Laladen ships moving Ishyr cargo charge exorbitant fees; and, Shernan pirates may choose to take your cargo instead of deliver it.
Most of the kingdom's trade occurs by sea. Its major trading partners are: Nythoria, Laladen and Sherna.

2,960,000-human 52% (Valin 32%, Eslan 20%), Dwarves 23%, Half-Elves 12%, Elves 8%, Gnomes 5%.

 Class Structure
Nobles 5%, military (non-Noble) 25%, clergy (non-Noble) 21%, merchants 3%, peasants 41%, slaves 5%.

Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish.


The Old Church (55%), the Right Path (45%).


Valithra, Eslebi.

Long, cold and wet spring. Short, moderate summer. Short, cold and wet autumn. Long, harsh and snowy winter.

Unusual  Laws and customs
Ishyr has a caste system that was inherited from Dunihk's when a Dunihki prince was made king of Ishyr during the Third Cycle.
You are expected to announce your status within the caste system at all times, as follows: Nobles keep a gold dagger visible at all times; clergy, a silver dagger; peasants, an iron dagger; the Invisible wear no dagger.
Members of the same caste greet each other with a single kiss on the mouth; members of different castes (except the Invisible) greet each other by opening arms and showing their palms to each other. The Invisible are never greeted by anyone.

Key  Holidays
Nexar's Feast (21 Ladin), Thoal's Feast (14 Aloso).

During the Third Cycle, when the Ishyran nobles were displaced by Dunihki ones, many fled to the northern steppes and tundra. Their descendants live there now, long untouched by the king and his forces. To the south, the Dunihki have intermarried with the native Ishyrans, but in this far northern reaches, the Ishyran blood remains pure. Many of them believe that, as is foretold in the legend of Galthor the Bloody, they will be restored to their rightful place when the Fourth Cycle comes to an end.

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