Hi! I'm Nora Fencerunner. These pages detail the first d20 campaign based in the world of Breminor. All of the material presented here is from my perspective or that of my friends during our adventures in Valithra. Reading through this material may give you ideas on how you can use off-the-shelf modules to run your own campaign in Breminor!

Journals, Songs, and Adventure Synopses
My Journal: This is a day-by-day account of our journeys detailing the wondrous places and creatures we have encountered.
The Battle of Watchtower Hill: A ballad written to commemorate the fall of Taklinn Gorunn.
Ortyne's Journal: Every good story deserves an evil counterpart. This is the villain's day by evil day account of his efforts to do away with the party.

Campaign Maps
Campaign map: A map of the world I know based on our travels and what my friends have told me.
Home area map: A map of the area around my home in the Donoth Hills.
Map of Valithra: A map of the northern kingdom of Valithra where our campaign is based. Here also, you'll find a map of Thrune, Valithra's magnificent capital city.

Character Information
Nora Fencerunner: Halfling - Rogue 1/ Wizard (Illusionist) 3
Nero Thorndell: Human - Fighter 2/ Bard 2
Ranas Tramban: Human - Cleric of Odan 4
Taklinn Gorunn: Dwarf - Fighter 1 / Monk 1      (Deceased)
Phae: Human - Rogue 4
Sticks: Human - Fighter 1/ Rogue 3

Party Information
A Picture of Our Party: This is a picture of our current party members.
Party Standard Procedures: Our party has mapped out in advance how it is going to handle certain challenges.
Party Equipment: This is a list of the party's shared equipment.
Campsite configuration: A map of how we set up our campsite when on the road.
Hirelings: This is a profile of the hirelings that help keep us in the adventuring business.

 The Module(s)
This campaign has so far used two off-the-shelf modules: "The Wizard's Amulet", and "The Crucible of Freya" both by Necromancer Games. The first is available as a free download on their site, and the second is available online for purchase.

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This campaign uses two heavily modified versions of off-the-shelf modules by Necromancer Games that were refitted for play in Breminor. We do not claim credit or responsibility for these modules, nor do we challenge the copyrights of the original owners in any way.