At the heart of Breminor are its stories. Here you will find a collection of fiction that is written with Breminor as the stage. While the stories differ in flavor, voice and author, they share the commonalities made possible by Breminor's rich environment.

Heroes, villains and all manner of folk in between from Breminor's fiction and gaming environment are listed here. These are the brave souls that wander the mazes of Breminor's wilderness and cities, bringing excitement and passion to the world.

While stories are Breminor's heart, the legs upon which it stands are its geography. Each of Breminor's regions contains maps as well as information about its geography, politics, demographics, economics and culture.

Here you will find game utilities and (eventually) modules for popular role playing games using Breminor as the setting. These utilities and modules are general enough to be used in most fantasy Role Playing systems. You will also find the details of a d20 campaign that is running in Breminor. This will show you how Breminor can be used as an environment for games.
To use Breminor as a setting for an AD&D 3rd Edition or d20 campaign,
please read the copyright information and conversion notes.

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